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AlienVault USM Central
Centralized Security Monitoring for Multiple AlienVault USM Deployments

AlienVault USM Central

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AlienVault USM Central
AlienVault USM Central
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AlienVault USM CentralAlienVault USM Central enables you to centrally monitor multiple AlienVault USM Anywhere and AlienVault USM Appliance deployments through a single console.

Whether you’re looking to monitor multiple end customer environments as a Managed Service Provider (MSP) or a Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP), or to monitor distributed IT environments across your enterprise, USM Central gives you the centralized visibility you need to efficiently detect and respond to threats across all of your environments.

As part of a federated AlienVault USM deployment, USM Central enables you to:

Centralized insight into alarms, vulnerabilities, and configuration issues
USM Central enables the centralized review of alarms, discovered vulnerabilities, and configuration issues from any connected AlienVault USM deployment, all through a single web console. It makes it simple and efficient to to independently monitor multiple IT environments, saving you time and resources.

Federated monitoring of multiple USM Anywhere and USM Appliance deployments
USM Central delivers central, federated monitoring of AlienVault USM deployments, including both USM Anywhere and USM Appliance. This allows you to save time and resources, while improving your ability to efficiently monitor multiple deployments.

Hosted and secured in the AlienVault Cloud
AlienVault USM Central is a modern, scalable cloud service that is hosted, maintained, and secured by AlienVault. This eliminates your burden of having to deploy, maintain, update, and secure on-premises federated monitoring software, saving you time, money, and resources. Plus, as a SaaS-delivered services, USM Central can be deployed rapidly and easily scales as your business grows.

Click-through alarm investigation
USM Central allows you to drill down into the specific alarms you want to investigate within the end customer’s AlienVault USM deployment without having to log in to a separate window and reference or navigate back to the alarm you want to investigate.

Custom data views and reporting
USM Central leverages powerful search and analysis capabilities, customization of views for alarms and events, and export of graphically-rich views into a CSV or HTML report. This simplifies analysis of multiple, distinct environments, and simplifies the creation of executive-ready reports with rich data visualization elements.

Data privacy and compliance
USM Central has been attested as compliant to PCI DSS, SOC 2, and HIPAA, giving assurance in our ability to secure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of customer’s data within USM Central.

Deploying USM Central is Fast and Easy

USM Central is a cloud-based service hosted by AlienVault. It is fast and simple to deploy, accessible from anywhere, readily scalable, and dramatically reduces the costs of centrally monitoring multiple deployments or end customer environments.

Fast and Simple to Deploy
New and existing AlienVault USM deployments can be connected to USM Central within minutes, dramatically accelerating your time to full operation and monitoring multiple environments.

Accessible from Anywhere
Because USM Central is a SaaS-delivered service, all you need is a web browser to connect to the USM Central console to start monitoring multiple AlienVault USM deployments.

Reduces the Cost of Monitoring Multiple Customers and Environments
USM Central removes the costs and burden associated with having to maintain, secure, and continuously update an on-premises hardware or software solution. As a SaaS-delivered solution, AlienVault assures the uptime and security of USM Central, allowing you to focus solely on monitoring and protecting your customer environments.


Download the AlienVault USM Central Datasheet (.PDF)